Information for Sellers

As you start to think about selling your home, there are a number of steps you can take to enhance your property and the ultimate selling price. Below are some guidelines to maximize your efforts.


There are many things you can do to make your home more appealing to buyers. Here's the things that are the most important:

Inspecting the Home
You should do your own initial inspection of your home to determine any obvious problems. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes and go through every area of your home, inside and out, and record any problem. Don't worry about costs or whether you're even going to do something about it, just make the list. Here are some key areas to pay attention to:

  • ▪ Heating and cooling systems

  • ▪ Exterior walls, roofs and rain gutters

  • ▪ Electrical systems, inside and out

  • ▪ Kitchens

  • ▪ Bathrooms

  • ▪ Floors and edge moldings

  • ▪ Doors, gates and windows

  • ▪ Interior ceilings and walls

  • ▪ Attics and basements

Home Repairs
You really don't want to tour potential buyers through a home if there are obvious items needing repair.

Here's a list of the top items that could jeopardize your sale:

  • ▪ Bad wiring

  • ▪ Damaged roofs

  • ▪ Water in the basement or crawlspace

  • ▪ Cracks in the foundation

  • ▪ Damaged roofs

  • ▪ Poor yard maintenance

  • ▪ Dirty paint

  • ▪ Secure outlet covers and switch plates.

  • ▪ Heating or air conditioning problems

  • ▪ Loose gates, molding or doors

  • ▪ Tighten loose cabinet handles, towel racks and doorknobs

  • ▪ Fix sticking windows and doors,

  • ▪ Tighten loose stair banisters and squeaky doors

  • ▪ Fix the little things

Timing Your Sale
There are better times to sell your home than others. Here are some general guidelines for the best time of year to maximize the number of buyers and your ability to sell your home:

  • ▪ Interest gradually increases from early January to the first sign of spring.

  • ▪ One of the best home selling seasons occurs between early March and Memorial Day.

  • ▪ Interest is only moderate between Memorial Day and Labor Day as families recreate during the summer.

  • ▪ The second big selling season occurs between Labor Day and right before Thanksgiving.

  • ▪ Selling a home between Thanksgiving and the first of the year has a lower possibility of producing results.

Cleaning Up Your Home
One of the easiest things you can do to improve your home is an complete cleaning. Either hire a cleaning service or be prepared to take on this project equivalent to an old fashioned spring cleaning. Every crack and corner needs attention. When every portion of your home sparkles it sends a strong yet subtle message.

Showing Your Home
There are a number things you can do to enhance the showing experience for a potential buyer. Are a a few tips that can make them feel more welcome and attracted to your home:

  • ▪ Give your home a welcoming aroma of fresh-baked cookies or potpourri.

  • ▪ Clear out or quiet the kids.

  • ▪ Let the agents discuss the home with the buyers. That's there job and they will have a better sense on how to sell the home to the particular buyers than you would.

  • ▪ Keep animals out of sight, especially barking dogs.

  • ▪ Move out any excess furniture.

  • ▪ It's recommended that you keep yourself scarce as well. Buyers will feel more comfortable and less like intruders if your not around.

  • ▪ Never apologize for how your home looks. It will only focus the Buyer's attention on what's not right, rather than what they like.

  • ▪ Make sure your carpets look as clean as possible.

  • ▪ Put all your valuables away under lock and key or in a safe location.

  • ▪ Open curtains and blinds to brighten home.

  • ▪ Clean closets to make them appear larger.

  • ▪ Use bright paint and light bulbs to make rooms appear larger.

  • ▪ Make your home as available as possible for showing, including when you're not there. This just increases the chances of your home selling.

  • ▪ Clear out or quiet the kids.

Maximizing Curb Appeal
First impressions count a lot. Here's a handy checklist that will help you make the most appealing first impression:

  • ▪ Painting-Make sure the paint is clean and looks new.

  • ▪ Windows-Clean the windows and repair any broken panes.

  • ▪ Shrubbery-Make sure all shrubbery is trimmed, tidy and balanced.

  • ▪ Front Door-New paint on a front door and a welcome mat are inviting.

  • ▪ Flowers-Plant bright and colorful flowers to warm up the buyers.

  • ▪ Equipment and Furniture-Plant bright and colorful flowers to warm up the buyers.

  • ▪ Lawn-Do your best to give your lawn that manicured look.

  • ▪ Clean out your garage.

  • ▪ Make sure all your outside lights and doorbell is working.

  • ▪ Fences and Gates-Inspect and repair any broken areas or paint.

  • ▪ Repairs-There shouldn't be anything that needs obvious repair.

  • ▪ Replace dull house numbers with shiny new ones, preferably brass.

  • ▪ Sidewalk and Driveways-Keep your sidewalks tidy regardless of the time of year and patch any holes.

  • ▪ Eliminate Clutter-Remove anything that would be perceived as clutter especially "junk".

Make It Clutter Free
Clutter around a home sends the message that the home isn't well cared for. Systematically remove anything that doesn't need to be left out. Create an environment of order that will help to showcase your home.

Seller Disclosure
There are laws in place that protect the real estate buyer. You must be prepared to disclose known defects in your home to a potential buyer. Contact us for a buyer disclosure form so that you're prepared to either repair any of these defects or disclose them to the buyer at the appropriate time.

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